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Prior-art Punctures Patents

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Patents Fail Prior-art Test

Patent applications must be unique and cannot suffer any prior-art that describes the basic characteristics of the patent, even in minutia. When the inventor of a patent nominates prior-art during the application, examination or monetization/litigation phases, the patent must immediately be withdrawn and full disclosures issued to investors, any prospective buyers, any entity being litigated and the relevant patent offices; failure to do so would constitute fraud. If confirmed, that prior-art adversely affects the patents or patent applications, they become worthless documents.

During a recent search, Christopher Burke’s patent inventions have indicated prior-art that could adversely affect their uniqueness, therefore impacting each patent invention and possibly making them null and void. This information will be made available to global patent offices and any potential litigants, buyers or investors. Any pending patent application that is impacted by prior-art must be withdrawn, prior-art that affects approved and registered patents needs to be disclosed to the relevant patent offices.

Christopher Burke’s patent inventions contain common descriptive themes, which are directly or indirectly affected by the recently found prior-art. Therefore, the uniqueness of the inventions will be subject to full disclosure and withdrawal, plus patent office notification, which then removes any anticipated value.

Should an individual or corporate entity be reviewing Christopher Burke’s patent inventions at this time, it is vital to sight the prior-art before any purchase, investment or monetization decisions are considered.

Christopher Burke can be contacted for further information as below and will assist with full prior-art disclosure, ensuring awareness of the patent shortcomings. Important that buyers, investors, litigants, patent offices be aware.

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