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Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Kiribilli - QTAGE joins Charter Pacific

Kiribilli Litigation Limited – QTAGE Financial group have joined an illustrious group with Charter Pacific to unethically move Christopher Burke’s patent inventions and proceed to drive their net asset value to zero.

Kiribilli Litigation - QTAGE cannot use a third party or associated company that they directly or indirectly control in order to sell, litigate or dispose of Christopher Burke's patent inventions without his consent and agreement, doing so would constitute fraud. Kiribilli Litigation have no unconditional rights in relation to Christopher Burke's Patent Inventions and any attempt to use Gary Fyvie as sole signatory would again constitute a fraudulent action.

Christopher John Burke is an inventor and entrepreneur with significant valuations attached his inventions over two decades.

Christopher Burke’s Patent inventions become like a honeypot to unscrupulous individuals that seek a quick return by paying minimal or zero reimbursement for such high-valued assets.

Kiribilli Litigation - QTAGE, a financial investment company should operate as a conduit for investor funds into sound monetisation businesses that offer high rates of return. Unfortunately, the Directors of Kiribilli have undertaken quite a different path as that specified by the Global Financial Regulations.

Kiribilli Litigation Limited director, Brayden Craig, plus Gary Fyvie and Nigel Catt have already advised investors that the fund is in trouble by defaulting on interest and redemption payments, outstanding for over 6 months. Kiribilli has given no indication of their internal problems to the investment community, rather they collude with Gary Fyvie to continue seeking investor funds to pay these long overdue debts, and they understand this process describes a ponzi scheme.

Kiribilli Litigation Financial group recently aligned with QTAGE, and as a Private Financial group they are strictly regulated in their activities, however no statement of account has been given for US$7.5M Microlatch invested funds and no understanding of responsible directors, trustees or management structure that would assure the investment community they are abiding their fiduciary duties.

Microlatch has been significantly disadvantaged by the unethical behavior of Kiribilli Litigation - QTAGE Financial group and has notified the financial regulators of the irregularities. The investment community should be clearly aware of the funds SPV Special Purpose Vehicle Trustees, Directors, and money flow; however, none of these conditions have been met by Kiribilli Litigation.

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