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David Murray's Legal Exposures Deteriorate Further

David Murray’s Legal Problems go from Bad to Worse

Christopher John Burke is an Australian Inventor and Entrepreneur. Mr. Burke is suing Charter Pacific for misrepresentation and unconscionable conduct in their failed attempted ASX/NSX Listings. The outcome of this multi-million-dollar damages lawsuit remains with the Australian Court system.

Since 2016, the multiple failed attempts for ASX/NSX Listing by Charter Pacific proved enormously disadvantageous to Christopher Burke and it was followed by David Murray via his personal private company, Lyndcote Holdings, (a former co-shareholder with Christopher Burke) collaboration with Charter Pacific to acquire or move patents through a nefarious corporate liquidation process in Australia.

The process implemented by David Murray and Charter Pacific was based around a friendly administrator/liquidator that understood where their payments were coming from.

David Murray’s private corporate vehicle (Lyndcote Holdings) was a minority shareholder in Christopher Burke’s company, Microlatch P/L, of the order of 6% shares. David Murray coveted the patent assets that resided in Microlatch P/L and undertook devious corporate raids to acquire or move those assets via a liquidation process. The patent assets are now potentially within his control (David Murray’s view, but awaiting court assertion), along with another David Murray private corporate vehicle, Patent Technologies P/L (jointly with Charter Pacific), where David Murray has an anticipated increased shareholding and control position.

The process of attempting to move the patent assets from Christopher Burke has a number of legal hurdles yet to be fully overcome, including exclusive license agreements issued to Microlatch Limited in Hong Kong, which are waiting to be determined be the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia. The outcome of this court case could potentially leave David Murray and Charter Pacific with zero value from the original patent assets. Obviously, David Murray wants this information suppressed and had the Australian Court issue interim injunctions on the license agreements until they are resolved.

The major problem for David Murray and Charter Pacific is now to try and gain Litigation Funding at a rapid pace, and ahead of the misleading and deceptive conduct and license agreement cases are heard and before the patents reach end of life. The major problem is enticing funders and litigation funders into a venture that is stymied by their nature as opportunistic patent trolls, with significant legal limitations, especially in the USA.

The COVID-19 pandemic economic and travel restrictions add enormous deficits to patent trolling litigation actions and apply significant benefit to real product manufacturers. Patent Trolls might also find themselves on the wrong side of the law in future as global government’s legally remove the extortionist practicing entities from society altogether.

Suspicious circumstances continue to surround David Murray and Charter Pacific actions and marketing releases, whilst combining together and operating as Patent Trolls, they attempt to monetize dubiously acquired patent assets without paying the inventor, Christopher Burke, one cent for his inventions. Global patent cases don't normally see the inventor working with Patent Litigation defendants against their own inventions - a world's first?

The true circumstances of the patents and outstanding license agreement court decisions need to be disclosed in full and with caveat's warning of possible legal impediments for David Murray and Charter Pacific, should Australian legal decisions go against them.

Christopher Burke has created a new patent portfolio focused on health ID certificates, including corporate, transport, government, passport and country ID’s which encapsulate a much larger opportunity and cover more than 20 years, allowing and ensuring monetization in a post-pandemic era. Christopher Burke continues to add further patents to his portfolio.

Group Against Patent Trolls:

Christopher John Burke

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