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Christopher Burke Holds Exclusive Patent Licenses

Exclusive Patent Licenses Issued by Christopher Burke in 2020

Christopher Burke issued Exclusive License Agreements in 2020 for his Patent Inventions and holds exclusive control of the Patents, including Health Access and Secure Identification.

Brayden Craig, (Kiribilli Director), Grant McCartney (Australian Lawyer) and Gary Fyvie (Fake Patent Asset representative) all combined to move Christopher Burke’s Patent Inventions to a new USA Delaware Company for their personal gain. All three individuals are aware of the Exclusive License Agreements issued by Christopher Burke; however, they continue to operate a ponzi scheme using Fake Patent Assets. All three are aware that attempting to monetize or accept investment for the Fake Patent Assets is illegal and fraudulent.

The definition of a ponzi scheme is the exercise of making payments to early investors with money taken from later investors. Additionally, Kiribilli has defaulted on redemptions and interest payments for many of the early investors, whom are preparing legal action against the ponzi scheme operators, Brayden Craig, Grant McCartney and Gary Fyvie.

Brayden Craig (Kiribilli Director), Grant McCartney (Australian Lawyer) and Gary Fyvie (Fake Patent Asset representative) are conducting a Global Ponzi Investment scheme by promoting Fake Patent Assets. Christopher Burke has advised the three individuals on numerous occasions of several issues with the Patent Assets, including an Exclusive License Issued in 2020 by Christopher Burke that causes the Patent Assets to be worthless. However, none of these individuals is warning investors of the serious deficiencies of the Patent Assets, preferring to continue the investment scam with unsuspecting new investors.

Ponzi schemes, other investment fraud on rise during pandemic, SEC says




· There has been a significant uptick in consumer complaints involving investment fraud during the Covid pandemic, according to an SEC investor alert issued Monday.

· Those frauds include Ponzi schemes, fake certificates of deposit, bogus stock promotions and community-based financial scams.

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