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Charter Pacific Patent Trolls - Patent Fraud

Charter Pacific Patent Trolls - Patent Fraudsters

Charter Pacific Patent Trolls – Kevin Dart and David Murray fail to disclose prior-art to early investors. The impact of prior-art on patents completely voids their value and monetization potential. Charter Pacific have been unable to conduct a Patent License or Patent Litigation strategy because they lack knowledge and expertise, and they are unable to successfully prove patent validity. Charter Pacific cannot achieve sufficient investment funding to allow monetization of Christopher Burke’s patent inventions because they cannot prove sufficient strength, nor any ability to manage a patent portfolio.

‘Patent Trolls are a blight on society’, a statement made by ex-USA President Barack Obama, ‘they make nothing, achieve nothing and attack honest corporate entities that build products and services’. Future Laws will ensure Patent Trolls are unable to operate and are denied conducting their devious, self-serving actions. Patent Trolling will eventually become an illegal practice.

Patent writing and management requires a basic understanding and expertise to build a valuable patent portfolio with scope, strength and validity. Charter Pacific Patent Trolls, Kevin Dart (failed resources miner) and David Murray (ex-Chairman of Commonwealth BANK and AMP) are opportunists that lack basic technology expertise and ethics. Charter Pacific Patent Trolls lack the fundamentals to enhance and build strength by appending patents into a comprehensive portfolio.

Charter Pacific – Patent Trolls, led several high stakes legal actions against the patent inventor, Christopher Burke, eventually manipulating legal loopholes in Australia to take the patent inventions, whilst legal options remain open to deny their ownership. Charter Pacific never had any intention to pay for the patents, preferring to take them at zero cost through complex legal processes that wasted 5 years of each patent’s life. The whole exercise conducted by Kevin Dart and David Murray has been a waste of time and significant loss of opportunity. David Murray used all his devious playbook methods and relationships to conduct his scheme, alongside Kevin Dart without any monetization foresight.

Patent Trolls don’t understand and don’t care about the requirements to maintain and build a patent portfolio, they rely on outdated patent descriptions that are easily denied and voided with appropriate legal defenses. Patent Trolls like Charter Pacific make money from unsuspecting investors in the initial stages, but soon fall short when scrutiny is applied. Patent Trolls don’t acknowledge prior-art because it doesn’t suit their purpose, however there are several instances of prior-art that have been shown to Kevin Dart and David Murray, which they prefer to conspire to keep hidden from investors.

Christopher Burke has shown Charter Pacific, Kevin Dart and David Murray pertinent prior-art information that negatively impacts the patents from a monetization perspective and ensures their unethical ambitions will be denied. Christopher Burke has shown several instances of prior-art that are available online and in global patent offices with earlier priority dates, however they prefer to hide this information from investors to support their greed and ego, understanding it would immediately force them to cease any further business activities with Christopher Burke’s patent inventions.

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