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Charter Pacific - Patent Trolls Out of Cash

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Charter Pacific - Den of Thieves Without Cash

Charter Pacific - Patent Trolls, are already out of operating cash, less than two years into a widely marketed effort to steal Australian Patent IP and solely focus a litigation strategy against a single high value target. Charter Pacific Patent scheme was aimed at marketing a Ponzi strategy purely to obtain investor funds from unsuspecting and naïve individuals and companies, without ever releasing a robust business plan that contained in-house experience, judgement, or expertise to conduct such a strategy.

David Murray AO, Kevin Dart and Steve Cole have wasted $10 Million Dollars on salaries, consulting fees, plant & equipment, plus a plethora of professional services, litigators, liquidators and without any semblance of a comprehensive business strategy, knowledge, or knowhow. Charter Pacific promoted a single high-value target in order to achieve kudos and investment, and now they are out of cash, failing to raise another $15 Million, because they cannot perform, and the Patents are near end of life. David Murray spent over 15 years blocking Christopher Burke (Patent Inventor) from progressing a global manufacturing and broad-based litigation strategy, following his 6% purchase of shares in Microlatch P/L. David Murray single-handedly lost Billions of Dollars of potential income and the creation of an Australia Technology standout entity, purely for greed and self-interest. David Murray is now Chairman of the company he setup with Kevin Dart and Steve Cole, a Patent Trolling company with all Patent IP stolen from a single individual, Christopher John Burke.

Charter Pacific - Patent Trolls, Chairman David Murray AO (former CEO Commonwealth Bank and Chairman Australia Future Fund and AMP) utilised inadequate Australian Liquidation regulations and policies to conduct theft of Intellectual Property (IP) Assets. Christopher Burke created several high value patents, which were included as assets of Microlatch P/L, and David Murray became a 6% shareholder of the company in 2006. Private correspondence clearly showed that David Murray had planned to take the assets of the company for his own benefit by using lax Australian regulations and a very friendly Liquidator, Chifley Advisory - Gavin Moss. David Murray, Kevin Dart, Steve Cole and Gavin Moss (Chifley Advisory Principal) conspired to move the Intellectual Property from Christopher Burke and into their newly formed company, Charter Pacific Patent Technologies P/L. The process was achieved under a Liquidation scenario without any creditor calls on the company and solely by David Murray’s personal ambitions and misuse of Australian Corporation Laws, plus funding from naïve investors, friends, and associates.

Charter Pacific - David Murray's devious actions were studied and followed by at least one other unscrupulous individual, Mr. Brayden Craig of Kiribilli Capital group. Kiribilli Capital has been suspended and removed from operational status but maintains relationships with Arris-Group Financial Advisors in Malaysia still operating a Ponzi scam, plus several other investment companies in USA, UK, Singapore, and Australia. The modus operandi used by Brayden Craig reads very similarly to Charter Pacific’s IP Assets theft and Ponzi scam, encapsulating a method of operation or pattern of criminal behaviour so distinctive that separate crimes or wrongful conduct are recognized as the work of the same person.

Charter Pacific + Brayden Craig – IP Assets Theft & PONZI scams

Both cases referenced in this article, Charter Pacific Patent Trolls and Kiribilli Capital, involve them moving patent assets from an initially invested Australian Company into an entity where they enjoyed greater participation and control. The same devious unethical practices were enacted in each case, by transferring Patent (IP) Assets illegally without consideration that were estimated to be literally worth Billions of Dollars, blatantly stealing from Australian investors, shareholders, founders, inventors without remorse, ethics, moral or legal burden. Both the founders of Allotz Limited and Microlatch P/L have had their IP Assets stolen without consideration through illegal manoeuvring by 'supposedly' reputable individuals. The criminal group act in collusion with Liquidators and the Legal Fraternity, combining to undermine the fabrics of professionalism and ethics in Australia and resulting in net loss to all investors as they invariably cannot monetise the IP Asset due to lack of trust / expertise.

Intellectual Property theft typically involves technology companies that are exploitable by their inexperience in major financing projects, which devolves into an opportunity for unscrupulous people with greed as their prime motivation. The unscrupulous individuals take advantage of their reputation to entrust and entice the IP Asset holders and then conduct a scheme of coordinated and calculated legal loopholes or illegal mechanisms to divest the IP Assets from the original owner into their own control. However, risks and pitfalls persist, especially from the IP Asset creators who were disenfranchised and remain a necessary participant or become active adversaries in any IP monetisation strategy, such as the inventors and founders of those original enterprises.

Scott Campbell Fisher had his name legally changed to Trent Scott Wallace Strong, now operating as Brayden Craig (Scott Campbell Fisher, Scott Williams etc.) has a long history of Ponzi scheme activities but avoided scrutiny by changing his name several times and using legal counsel (Duncan Grant McCartney) as proxy. Duncan Grant McCartney was open to conflicts of interest and didn’t follow Australian Law Society regulations, similarly to Gavin Moss Liquidator, where they perform roles that determine disadvantageous actions and results to clients and others, whilst feeding their desired relationships, greed, and pre-arranged agendas.

Duncan Grant McCartney of Simmons McCartney, became the legal advisors to Brayden Craig, the owner of Kirribilli Capital, whilst also advising his existing clients, Microlatch Technologies P/L, Christopher Burke, creating a conflict of interest. Thereafter, the same devious playbook was enacted as with David Murray and Charter Pacific, move the IP Assets into a new entity under their own control and gain investment from unwary funds managers, such as Arris, Southbank Capital and a litany of other funding groups and private investors.

Duncan Grant McCartney and Brayden Craig were involved in several investment and funding scams and another instance was the funding placed by Southbank Capital into Allotz Limited in Australia, where IP Assets were held. An investment into the company was placed by convertible note deed, it was discovered that the source of the funding was Kirribilli Capital owned by Brayden Craig (Scott Campbell Fisher, Scott Williams etc.) via Simmons McCartney lawyers, holding 86% of the convertible notes, some $3.9 Million in value. Francis Galbally was appointed Chairman of the group, the same modus operandi as with David Murray, also appointed Chairman of Charter Pacific Patent Technologies P/L. The scam was conceived and commenced whitewashing investors through an exploitable and reputable figure head.

Only 2 weeks after his resignation from the board of Limited, Southbank Capital/Francis Galbally as trustee of the convertible note deed without notice, had JP Downey & Co serve a hostile receivership on Limited, seizing the bank accounts and assets of the company. At this time, the convertible note had over 2 years of its term remaining, Limited had over $600K cash in the bank and a new equity investment offer ready for release raising $6 Million.

Since the receivership, Southbank/Galbally as secured creditor have transferred the very significant IP Assets (patent holdings) of Limited to a US based Delaware Corporation called Surge Pricing LLC without any consideration. Francis Galbally is also the chairman of Surge Pricing LLC and Brayden Craig (Scott Campbell Fisher, Scott Williams etc.) and associated entities are majority shareholders. Southbank Capital/Galbally are 100% complicit and were warned about McCartney/Craig prior to taking the money. Southbank/Galbally, Sinclair, McCartney knowingly conspired together with Brayden Craig, they knowingly took tainted funds.

Francis Galbally and Warren Sinclair have been summoned to appear in the Supreme Court in Sydney for public examination concerning their conduct as directors of Limited by Hall Chadwick, the current liquidators. Brayden Craig (Scott Campbell Fisher, Scott Williams etc.) has been involved in the Centaur Buttonwood Ponzi scam and boiler rooms in Bangkok since 2000’s. Brayden Craig (Scott Campbell Fisher & Scott Williams) was identified as one of the founding criminal members of the Brinton Group Boiler Room Syndicate in Thailand, with Martin Kealy, one of the biggest and wealthiest Boiler Room criminals in Southeast Asia. The copies of these WordPress posts are available at;

Finally, through the efforts of disenfranchised founders and inventors, also the financial support of decent, honest business professionals, these criminals are finally brought to justice. It is hard to believe that individuals hiding behind a veneer of respectability can get away with white collar crimes such as these. ASIC and other International Government bodies dealing with Corporations Laws, Enforcement and Authority should - you would think - be busy identifying and prosecuting this type of criminal activity. Instead, the prohibitive cost to do so is left entirely to the poor victims of these predators. (removed)

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