• Chris Burke

Charter Pacific & Brayden Craig, Patently Fake

Kevin Dart recently said that he and David Murray aren't Patent Trolls because they have signed a single undisclosed license agreement with a Canadian startup, after 5 years of having access to Christopher Burke’s patent inventions. Apparently, Kevin Dart is lying so that David Murray and himself continue their patent scam and maintain the promotion of legal action against a high-value target to amass financial benefit from naïve investors.

Charter Pacific Patent Trolling operations led by David Murray and Kevin Dart have only one purpose with Christopher Burke’s Patent Inventions; they promote legal action against a large target to avail themselves of millions of dollars of investor funds. Only a Canadian startup has signed an undisclosed license agreement in 5 years, therefore their whole effort is solely based on gaining investor funds by promoting a high-value target, whilst never disclosing any evidence of patent validity, plus misrepresenting their Patent Troll status.

Kevin Dart and David Murray won’t disclose Patent Prior-Art, won’t disclose Christopher Burke’s Exclusive License Agreements that were suppressed from publication by Australian courts, won’t disclose their lack of knowledge of patent technology, won’t disclose any negative patent due-diligence. Charter Pacific can only disclose that one Canadian startup from tens of thousands of biometrics companies globally, committed to signing a license agreement, without providing any terms or value. Charter Pacific, David Murray and Kevin Dart operate as opportunistic Patent Trolls for one reason only, promote a high-value target to gain millions of dollars from naïve investors.

Christopher Burke’s Patent Inventions are the sole basis of Charter Pacific’s business strategy, which they rely. Christopher Burke is the inventor of every patent being promoted by Charter Pacific. Christopher Burke’s comments are hidden from investors and his Patent Inventions manipulated by strategic court actions conceived by David Murray, who was a minority shareholder in Christopher Burke’s original Microlatch company.

Charter Pacific, David Murray, Kevin Dart, and Brayden Craig remove all references to Christopher Burke because they don’t want the truth about their unscrupulous misleading actions made public, especially to their cherished investors. Christopher Burke is available to assist any third party being threatened by Patent Trolls. Patent Applications are words that are representative of the inventor’s concepts, but the actual meanings still require dissemination in a Court of Law by judge and jury. Therefore, the Patent’s real unambiguous meanings can only be described in court by the Patent Inventor. Additionally, all Prior-Art and restrictive Exclusive License Agreements are presented in court and will ultimately determine the fate and fall of deceptive and undesirable Patent Trolls.

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