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Charter Pacific & Brayden Craig, 'Patent Scams'

Charter Pacific & Brayden Craig, 'Ignore Patent Prior-Art'

Charter Pacific Group and Brayden Craig (formerly Kiribilli Group) don’t want to acknowledge patent prior-art as it would negatively affect their patent scams.

Patent Investment Scams (Charter Pacific):

Charter Pacific: Once the David Murray (ex AMP and COMMBANK chairman) relationship with Charter Pacific was established, the new joint Patent Acquisition Company then worked with an Australian Liquidator to move Christopher Burke’s patent inventions into their own control and advantage. The Liquidator, Chifley Advisory, had an extremely friendly relationship and was appointed by Charter Pacific; Gavin Moss of Chifley Advisory agreed to every request and was promptly paid by Charter Pacific for his services. David Murray, as minority shareholder, liquidated his own company - Microlatch P/L, and moved the patent assets to his new company with Charter Pacific, where he remains as chairman today.

Charter Pacific have no expertise in technology and were a failed mining resources company before a chance meeting with Christopher Burke. Mr. David Murray was a minority shareholder in Mr Burke’s Microlatch company. From 2016 to 2018, Charter Pacific conducted multiple failed attempts at an Australian IPO alongside Mr Murray and then decided on the Liquidator ploy to move Mr Burke’s patent inventions to their own control. Mr Murray supplied the initial investors and continues to support investments today as company chairman. However, the inability of Charter Pacific to monetize the patents is obvious, only signing one startup company to a license agreement in nearly 6 years association of the patents. Charter Pacific managers, Kevin Dart and Steve Cole, are unqualified opportunists with a history of failures, without any semblance of understanding of patents or technology principles. The inability of Charter Pacific to make any progress with Litigation or Licensing strongly confirms the individuals are incapable and the patents are flawed; Christopher Burke (Patent Inventor) has informed Charter Pacific and David Murray on several occasions that Patent Prior-Art exists, making the patents worthless. Christopher Burke has invented and registered several new patents in 2020 and 2021 around combination of health and identity (digital identity).

Charter Pacific and David Murray conduct a patent investment scam by promoting their ability to use Mr Burke’s patent inventions for litigation and monetization, whilst they operate as patent trolls and without any expertise. Investors in the scam are being duped out of millions of dollars without essential due diligence being conducted on the patents, enticed solely on promises made by David Murray and Charter Pacific. Charter Pacific have made no progress, no money, and are without any viable expectation of eventual success.

Patent Investment Scams (Brayden Craig & Associates):

Brayden Craig: Was an initial investment manager for Christopher Burke’s Patent Inventions before the Charter Pacific transfer of patents via their Liquidator, Chifley Advisory. Thereafter, new patents were written and submitted by Christopher Burke, alongside Exclusive License Agreements issued in 2020. These new patents described the combination of health and access security/identification (digital identity) but are impacted by the Exclusive Licenses and are deemed incapable to be licensed or monetized without authorization from the Licensee.

Brayden Craig colluded with Mr. Christopher Burke’s Patent Attorney, Mr Sam Simpson in USA, Patent Ingenuity Group, who arranged legal documents that enabled the movement of Mr. Burke’s Patent Inventions to a new Delaware Co. Unfortunately, the patents are affected by Exclusive Licenses, but neither Brayden Craig nor his associates, nor the USA Patent Attorney were interested in anything that would impact the investment scam and therefore prioritized their ability to gain investments to pay themselves and their substantial professional service fees. The Patent Attorney, Mr Sam Simpson was compliant and supportive because his fees were paid. Nobody wants to recognize the patent licenses because it destroys the investment opportunity, neither the Patent Attorney Mr. Simpson, Brayden Craig nor his many associates want any adverse information to be made public as it exposes their ponzi scheme. A ponzi scheme exists when there is no bankable asset that underpins the investment and where new investors pay for older investor repayments.

Brayden Craig, formerly Kiribilli Group director, uses third party fund managers to bring new investors into the scam, one such complicit company is Arris-Group in Malaysia. Arris-Group have repaid funds to older investors from new investors. Brayden Craig avoids financial compliance and scrutiny by using third party fund managers and hiding information about the patent asset deficiencies. Other associates of Brayden Craig include Mr. Gary Fyvie (an ex-business partner of Mr. Burke) and Mr. Burke’s ex-legal counsel, Mr. Grant McCartney, who connive to use Mr. Burke’s Patent Inventions for their own advantage. Mr. Sam Simpson of Patent Ingenuity Group is an extremely important part of the scam as he was initially Mr Burke’s patent attorney until he was recruited by Brayden Craig.

Brayden Craig, Kiribilli Group, is de-listed for not releasing financial information, therefore Brayden Craig can only use third party fund managers like Arris-Group to solicit investments on his behalf. There is negligible due diligence conducted on the patents and the reliance of everyone is on the promises made by Brayden Craig and his associates, all of whom conspire together to operate an investment scam and ponzi scheme that gains millions of dollars from naive investors.

Brayden Craig (ex Kiribilli Director), Grant McCartney (Australian Lawyer) and Gary Fyvie (Fake Asset representative) are conducting a Global Investment Ponzi scheme by promoting Fake Patent Assets and using third party fund managers to deceive investors and avoid financial regulatory scrutiny.

Christopher Burke has advised the three individuals and other complicit associates on numerous occasions of several issues with the Patent Assets, including the Exclusive Licenses Issued in 2020. However, none of these individuals is warning or advising investors of the deficiencies or patent license issues, preferring to continue the investment scam without full disclosure to investors or fund managers.

Ponzi schemes, other investment fraud on rise during pandemic, SEC says



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· There has been a significant uptick in consumer complaints involving investment fraud during the Covid pandemic, according to an SEC investor alert issued Monday.

· Those frauds include Ponzi schemes, fake certificates of deposit, bogus stock promotions and community-based financial scams.

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