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Kiribilli - Patent Investment Scam

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Kiribilli Litigation Capital Limited (Company Number 11418416) in UK is being struck off for concealing financial accounts. Brayden Craig is the director of Kiribilli and is associated with Grant McCartney, Gary Fyvie and Nigel Catt in Australia. Brayden Craig (Kiribilli Director) and Grant McCartney (Australian Lawyer) operate an investment platform that promotes highly valuable third-party assets to gain money from investors. Grant McCartney operated within a framework of a 'conflict of interest', breaching his ethical and legal obligations to Christopher Burke and the Australian Law Society Regulations.

David Murray and Charter Pacific conducted a very similar scheme by using a friendly Liquidator (Chifley Avisory - Gavin Moss, who was offered a 10% interest) to support the lowest value sale (Chifley costs) of Christopher Burke’s valuable patent assets and then enticed innocent investors to participate with them. Charter Pacific did not disclose the Patent Prior-Art nor the Inventor’s legal actions to find a remedy, nor his rights. Patent Trolls have a history of unethical attempts to subvert money from companies by threats. Patent Trolls achieve nothing, build nothing and work from a position of financial desperation.

Eventually, these unscrupulous individuals fail to monetize the assets, as they combine complex litigation requirements and involve the Inventor’s Intellectual Property. Monetization of Patent Assets is difficult because ultimately the Inventor must disclose his patent description meanings, plus any prior-art that is found will immediately null and void the Patent Asset.

Patent Ingenuity Attorney, Sam Simpson was paid to assist Brayden Craig and Grant McCartney move several patent portfolios into new clean companies, and simultaneously create a new persona that hides any criminality in the process, basically taking the asset offshore where disposal is envisaged and attempted. Sam Simpson was essential and instrumental in this process, breaching his legal and ethical obligations to Christopher Burke.

Investors in the Patent monetization promotion are scammed when the asset value is finally determined to be zero or unattainable, and a ponzi scheme ensues.

Christopher John Burke is an inventor and entrepreneur with significant valuations attached his inventions over two decades. Christopher Burke’s Patent Inventions become like a honeypot to unscrupulous individuals that seek a quick return by paying minimal or zero reimbursement for such high-valued assets. They ultimately fail because they cannot conduct a monetization strategy without the Inventor’s description of the patent in a court of law, thereby the Inventor can make or break the case.

Kiribilli, Brayden Craig, have defaulted on dividends and payouts, they have essentially devalued Christopher Burke’s patent assets to zero and abandoned a litigation case against Charter Pacific. When any investor funds are accepted to pay internal debts, without a supporting asset, a ponzi scheme is being conducted. We await Kiribilli accounts.

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