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Updated: Apr 3

Christopher John Burke is an Australian Entrepreneur and Inventor. Mr Burke continues to create patents that give his insights into the future requirements of a technological society and with a focus on mobile devices that accelerate in processing capability and multiple usage. The expanding role of mobile devices is most profound with the exchange of information and requirement for certification of health, given the significant impact of a global pandemic, perhaps just the beginning of a new and distinct 'Health with ID' society.

A disadvantage of current proximity card configurations is that multiple proximity cards would have to be carried by a user to obtain access to the variety of services provided by the proximity cards. For example, the user may have to carry a first proximity card for payment purposes at a grocery store, and a second, distinct proximity card to obtain access to a building; the reason for this is that the issuer of the first proximity card is typically a financial institution, whereas the issuer of the second proximity card is a typically a building management company.

A computing device has a processor that dynamically generates an entry into the payment-based configuration table. The entry identifies a payment account and one of the one or more biometric modalities based upon the biometric preference. The processor also generates a user interface having a menu of a plurality of payment account indicia. Each of the plurality of payment account indicia corresponds to one of a plurality of payment accounts. This platform accommodates payments and other applications of the mobile device with Near Field Communication (NFC) platforms of a diverse nature and requirement.

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