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Creating Secure Mobile B2B, B2C and B2G.

Combining smart

software systems

and mobile

RF credentials integrating Wiegand access codes +    

   incorporating NFC (Near Field Communication) coils.


Remote biometrics enrolment + smart control systems via

   smartphone BLE (Bluetooth) interface.


Mobile biometrics credential production


• Controls biometrics access to smartphones, buildings,
   facilities, online, plus has patent protection for all
   stand-alone and self-contained processes.


Secure Mobile


You Control

Every single time you’ve accessed your phone

using your fingerprint,

iris or face,

used Apple Pay

or your

smart card

to make a payment, 

 you’ve probably

used Microlatch technology.

Key Applications
the use of



The biometrics user operations as described in

the Microlatch patent portfolio’ may be implemented in smartphones, credit/debit cards and

everyday credentials.

Biometrics is central

to every security process.

Access Control, logical and physical, Air BnB, managed apartments, hotels. Online WEB access using biometrics and OTP, One Time Passwords.


Smart Home, integrating with Microlatch ‘Mobile Security Manager’ app to support home owners and businesses, especially in the area of time & attendance.


Mobile device sales, marketing and communications through ‘push notifications’

and building customer database with inbuilt payment platform.


Manufacture mobile biometrics credentials to enhance security of everyday items, credit/debit cards, car remotes, key-fobs, transportation
NFC etc.


Modernization of PC systems, transfer to mobile devices, adding RF, Bluetooth and Wireless technology to simplify multi-faceted high-end platforms.

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"We've Come a Long Way"

Chris Burke. CEO of Microlatch and founder

Chris Burke invented mobile biometrics and holds

several key patents.


• Chris Burke created several successful businesses, including a WOFE in China in 1990.

   The business enabled customer bank passbook magnetic stripes to be read and encoded from

   IBM Mini computers at bank branches throughout China


• Chris Burke modernized Commonwealth Bank of Australia ATM network by routing financial

   data through PC’s running Microsoft OS in 1988. This system remains operational today and

   was the beginning of the end for Mini computers


• Chris Burke has listed companies on UK and Australian stock exchanges.


• Microlatch patents describe the biometrics enrolment function that can be implemented in Smartphones, credit/debit cards etc.  Additionally, Microlatch patents describe the action of biometrically securing

NFC Payments on any mobile computing device.  Microlatch patents also describe biometrics security features of user credential devices, including OTP One Time Password for online transactions and

RF output for long distance applications.

 Without Microlatch technology

  • A user could not register their biometric signature, without infringing the patent.


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Every manufacturer, provider, seller and user in the world utilising Microlatch technology is a revenue source for Microlatch

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