Biometric Smart Cards

Biometric Smart Cards are a smart card containing a fingerprint sensor within its structure. This provides a simple and secure way for cardholders to authenticate their identity for in-store purchases with their fingerprint through the biometric enrollment function as an alternative to PIN or signature.

Visa and Mastercard are creating biometric cards that use your fingerprint instead of a PIN.

Visa and Mastercard have chips embedded in hundreds of millions of credit and debit cards around the world. They are used in more than 200 countries and process billions of payments each year.

Step 1

The cardholder inserts or taps the card at the terminal while holding their thumb on the card sensor.

Step 2

The sensor creates a digital image of the thumb which is then matched against the already stored image
on the card.

Step 3

If there is a successful biometric match, the cardholder’s identity is authenticated and the transaction is authorized. If there is an unsuccessful biometric match the card will prompt the cardholder for a

PIN or signature.

How the Biometric Card works at a chip-enabled terminal

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